Programme for Lea Bridge 2021-22

Through involvement with the community and community campaigns, Claire has gleaned an understanding of the demands of residents for the Lea Bridge ward. Residents made these demands clear at a series of community meetings, from which the programme has been drawn.

PAUSE all major planning and regeneration schemes pending a comprehensive review of how people’s livelihoods and lifestyles have changed due to the global pandemic. These schemes include: Lea Bridge Gas Works; Lea Bridge Station Three Sites; Estate Way – Church Road.

Through a cumulative impact study on the schemes already built, develop a local plan for clean and sustainable environment, challenging the decade-old idea of relentlessly concreting over the east side of the Lea Valley, London’s ‘Green Lung’.

Strengthen the Waltham Forest Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration Strategy by reviewing the implications of the Flood Risk status of existing residential buildings in Lea Bridge and in any new plans. And work with Thames Water for improved drainage and sewerage systems.

Dagenham Brook full to bursting, 2014
Our river Lea in flood, 2014
Can the flood relief channel cope?

Insist on independent monitoring – to recognised Public Health standards – of toxin release for the Gas Works scheme and co-operate with the national All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for gasworks communities.

Work with the Environment Agency to strengthen and implement its Flood Mitigation scheme for Dagenham Brook.

Involve the community in the spending of Community Infrastructure Levy, payable by property developers, to offset the impact of their schemes.

Ensure any new schemes provide safe and secure eco-friendly housing, accessible and affordable to all

No high-rise buildings above the Borough fire brigade ladder height, no hazardous cladding or wooden balconies on any type of new building.

Deliver social housing for all who need it especially low-paid key workers and those in service and manufacturing jobs. Stricter control over rents charged and tenures set by landlords. No loss of strategic employment land for conversion into housing, instead bring empty properties into use.

New builds lying empty on Lea Bridge Road

No building on Metropolitan Open Land – the urban equivalent of Green Belt, which in Lea Bridge Ward covers Leyton marshlands.

No loss of open green spaces, retain the green spaces around Lea Bridge station including the Orient Way Pocket Park.

Control tree-felling more strictly by requiring consultations and neighbourhood consent for the removal of trees on public land.

Protect the environment – reducing pollution, encouraging active travel (walking and cycling) and enhancing public transport

  • Restore the 48 bus route.
  • Carry out the promise for a bus service along Orient Way.
  • Encourage active travel: reconfigure cycle lanes in Lea Bridge Road to be consistent at bus stops and crossroads; generate guidance for all road users on safe practice around complex cycle/ pedestrian/ vehicular intersections.
  • Work with Network Rail and Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) to make the Orient Way Footbridge accessible to all with slopes or ramps next to the steps.
The footbridge crosses an otherwise impassable barrier
  • Create an active travel route across Leyton Marsh by working with LVRPA and Hackney Council.
  • Support the reinstatement of the direct Lea Bridge rail link with Walthamstow using the Hall Farm Curve.

Supporting the needs of children, young people and families, enhancing healthcare and community life

  • Support a Play Strategy for the Borough, implementing an adventure playground at the former Leyton football ground in Lea Bridge Road.
  • Facilities for young people’s recreation and development in community buildings such as Waterworks Centre.
  • A new health centre for Lea Bridge to ensure appropriate number of GP doctors also dentists and support calls for Whipps Cross Hospital redevelopment to offer more services, not fewer.
  • Action For Whipps Facebook page here
  • Reinstatement of The Antelope pub, Church Road. The Antelope campaign Facebook page is here
  • Support for volunteers in open and green spaces such as community gardens, Leyton Jubilee Park, Dagenham Brook, Cambrian Gardens, by providing water supplies where residents request; and protect and enhance the provision of allotments.
  • Promote an outdoor swimming facility at the proposed East London Waterworks Park in Lea Bridge Road. The East London Waterworks Park site is here
  • Restore Lea Bridge Ward Community Forums with strong leadership by Councillors.

How this kind of Programme can be funded

Set a Council budget that meets local community needs and demand that government funding makes up any shortfall. Oppose any proposed cuts in expenditure, closure of Council services or reductions in jobs, pay or conditions. Work for a more equitable Council tax system and demand that the government restores cuts it has imposed. Use the Council’s reserves and borrowing powers to avoid making future cuts