An independent voice for Lea Bridge

Lea Bridge Ward needs fresh representation on Waltham Forest Council – by a person who will not be stifled by party whips, by a well-known resident who has been active across the Ward, someone who has been active in campaigning for and achieving improvements on some of the more absurd schemes by developers, sanctioned by our Council.

To this end, Claire Weiss, who has lived in the Lea Bridge Ward for more than forty years, has been nominated by some Lea Bridge residents to stand as an Independent councillor.

Claire is angered by the continuing lack of social housing especially for lower-paid local workers, the absence of a health centre and the insufficient number of GP doctors, and the disappearance of play and youth facilities. She is outraged at the Council’s continued ignoring of these gaps and the strains put on the services caused by its continuing policy to massively increase the population through building high-density high-rise tower blocks. In 2019 and 2020 the local community organised Public Meetings about these and other vital infrastructure issues. While Council officers were in attendance in 2020 not one of the three ward Councillors involved themselves in it  – failing to hear what residents were concerned about.

Most of all Claire Weiss is committed to getting measures implemented that will address the effects of climate change on the people of Lea Bridge Ward, their green environment, their built environment and on the critical links crossing the Ward such as the railway, the main roads and the waterways.

Having brought up her family here and having strong roots in the neighbourhood, Claire is acutely aware that Lea Bridge, one of the neediest Wards in the Borough, is ill-equipped to receive the mass development of high-rise, high-density residential buildings planned by the Council along the polluted main roads in the Ward. She is infuriated that the Council has approved plans with property developers at quoted costings, yet has later caved into them when they have reneged on their original obligations to contribute to community facilities. A recent outrage has been the Council’s £1m handout to the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) for the extravagant rebuilding of its Ice Centre in Lea Bridge Road after they discovered they couldn’t afford to complete their own project.

Claire promises to continue her campaigning for the Lea Bridge services and facilities and environmental improvement to match residents’ and small local businesses’ needs if she is elected as your Independent councillor for Lea Bridge Ward.