Achievements and campaigning



Claire values the rich diversity of the population in Lea Bridge. She is actively opposed to racism in any form and to hatred of and discrimination against people on grounds of gender, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and religious belief. She  is constantly out and about in the Ward, using the local shops, cafes and parks. She has set up a local Facebook page for her local area – Capworth Street & Locality. She positively welcomes newcomers to Lea Bridge.

Claire’s activities beneficial to Lea Bridge ward and its residents include getting 1,400 signatures for the Orient Way Footbridge Campaign petition which has made Waltham Forest Council and Network Rail tackle crucial safety repairs and maintenance to the footbridge. Claire is now campaigning for ramps to be added to the bridge, making it accessible to all users.

The footbridge campaign Facebook page is here

The footbridge campaign petition is here

Liaising with Community Before Construction Campaign, Claire is currently challenging the Greater London Assembly and the Council about the legality of the Gas Works exit road works being constructed in advance of the Mayor’s approval of the scheme.

Community Before Construction is here

Trees uprooted for a scheme without planning permission having been granted

For five years Claire has campaigned to save the Orient Way Pocket Park from being built over. She has written articles for Waltham Forest Echo; led a coalition delegation to the Council Cabinet Member; carried a banner at the Town Hall Climate Emergency Rally; organised sports, picnics, and the planting of shrubs in the Pocket Park.

Claire formally addressed the Cabinet session in the Council Chamber the week after the Grenfell tragedy, to demand that construction of tower blocks in the borough be HALTED until the causes were investigated and known.

The bus stop before
The bus stop now

Claire persuaded TfL to reinstate a bus stop shelter outside the Mosque after it had been redesigned with only a bench. Further down Lea Bridge Road Claire organised a group to stop Aldi supermarket from cutting down its inherited trees, one of which contained nesting birds. And then she exposed that the Council’s Highway contractors were killing new trees during construction at Lea Bridge station.

Trees in danger at the Aldi construction
But the trees remain today
Council contractor’s digger carelessly kills trees at Lea Bridge station
Thanks to Claire, some trees remain today, though they suffered damage

Claire has organised a socially-distanced litter-picking group on Waterworks Meadow – a safe activity that supports participants’ well-being and mental health and is beneficial to wildlife and the environment.

Joining in with others’ campaigns, Claire has formally involved herself in these planning and licensing applications: 97 Lea Bridge Road; 150 Lea Bridge Road; LVRPA Car Wash; Lea Bridge Gas Works; Lea Bridge Station entrance; two music licence applications on Waterworks Meadow; Waltham Forest Draft Local Plan; 201 Church Road (The Antelope).

Claire represents the Markhouse Corner & Lea Bridge Residents on the Council Public Transport Consultative Group, and Lea Bridge residents on the Greater Anglia Rail Users Group. Claire is a registered volunteer at the Walthamstow Wetlands, an active member of Friends of Cambrian Gardens, a keen local historian, and has published works in print, on websites and videos on YouTube.

Dancing on Cambrian Gardens